Valeria Y. Gonzalez


Valeria Y. Gonzalez is a Mexican-American artistic director, choreographer, dancer, performance artist, and producer. Starting in 2009, she embarked on a learning expedition in Montreal followed by a full relocation to NYC to continue her professional education in dance. During this time, she completed two certificate dance programs from Ballet Divertimento in Montreal and The Ailey School in NYC. Her studies have led here to attending several dance intensives such as: GAGAMovement Invention Project, SBDNY Module, Gallim Dance, Vim Vigor, Pirouetteando, and Alvin Ailey Summer and Winter intensives. Since moving to New York in 2011 Valeria has conducted several projects in homage to her Mexican roots. ConexionArte Juarez, for example, is a platform based in her hometown of Juarez, Mexico that serves to inspire and connect artists all around Mexico. Valeria continued to participate as the leader for three large projects for Inside Out Project - a platform founded by visual artist JR. She's very proud to have been apart of the New York Women in Communications from 2012 to 2014 as well as a valiant member of the National Society of Leadership and Success in 2014.

Since an early age, Valeria has extended her passion outside of dance to the areas of photography, filmmaking, and media. In 2012 she decided to conclude her BFA in Communications and thus enrolled at the New York Institute of Technology. In 2015 she graduated with a BFA in Communication Arts and TV Production. During the NYIT time, she worked for prominent media outlets such as Time Out Magazine (E-Commerce Manager) and at NBC New York (Social Media assistant & Assignment Desk Intern). In 2014 she was hired as a full-time Production Assistant where she worked along with the executive producers, anchors, photographers, assignment desk editors and reporters. During her time at NBC New York, she created several news packages, assisted reporters for red carpet events where she interviewed prominent figures and assisted in producing Wednesday Child” news packages. Most notably during this time, Valeria found her true calling by founding her dance theater company, VALLETO.

My work investigates love and relationships bridging the divide between the intimate and the universal. I make work to break the rules. My work represents the heart and soul of a woman.
— Valeria González

Valeria's unique view(s) and inquiry in gender equality, freedom of expression, sexism, and diversity were crucial to starting her dance company. VALLETO has become an emerging dance theater company - highly sought out in NYC - whose mission is to create work that empowers women and unifies artists from different diversities. Valeria’s personal mission is to make a difference in the world of dance by tackling these issues through female empowerment and the celebration of one’s individuality. Valeria has already choreographed and directed four seasons for VALLETO in both New York and Brooklyn. She celebrated a commission for her company by HERE Arts Center in 2015. Her unique and evolving artistic language has inspired and created a culture that empowers the female body and psyche. Her movement language describes femininity, tension, intimacy, impulse, raw emotions and self-awareness. VALLETO has continued to grow and continues to make theatrical work that explores collectively what the unconscious mind hides in the body. 

From 2016 to 2018, Valeria attended NYU Tisch School of the Arts where she pursued and completed her MFA in Dance with a concentration in Performance and Pedagogy. During her education at NYU, she had the opportunity to teach Ballet, Improvisation and Dance Composition for the Future Dance and Dancemakers workshops. She was also graciously selected to be one of the five choreographers chosen to create a long piece for the Masters Performance Workshop concert. As a performer, Valeria created her very own solo, echoes as well as works by MADBOOTS DANCE and Pamela Pietro. While as a choreographer, she continued to create work for NYU students as well as her company. Valeria is currently living and working in NYC and anticipates VALLETO's 5th season entitled SOS, which has been in process for over a year. Valeria is charged for what the future holds for VALLETO internationally as well as her journey as a teacher and solo performance artist.