S.O.S + Q&A

Date. June 16th, 2018 / 7PM

Duration: 50 min (no intermission)

Location. Center for Performance research, Brooklyn, NY

SOS, is a multi-sensory, evening-length work that explores the spiritual and immaterial world of human beings, set in an uncharted, otherworldly space full of lost, unrecognizable memories that create chaos as the show evolves.


Duration: 50min

Artistic Direction/Concept: Valeria Y. Gonzalez

Choreography: Valeria Y. Gonzalez in collaboration with dancers

Dancers: Devon Travis, Gianna DiGirolamo, Kat Rodriguez, Ayaha Otsuka, Dasol Kim, Danielle Alvarez, Selina Shida Hack, and Abby Dick.

Rehearsal Director: Gianna DiGirolamo

Composer: Madeleine Cocolas

Costume Design: Cassie Mills

Lighting: Lillie De

Set Design: Cassie Mills and Valeria Y. Gonzalez

Reception guest artists: Larissa Ali