VALLETO is a New York-based contemporary dance theater company led by Mexican American choreographer Valeria Yvette Gonzalez. Her inquiry in gender equality, freedom of expression, sexism, and diversity were crucial to founding VALLETO in 2014.

VALLETO is now a sought out emerging dance theater company whose MISSION is to empower women and unify diverse artists. VALLETO is an all female company with diverse backgrounds who explore what the unconscious mind hides inside the body, while creating an open space devoted to female empowerment and equality for all. Our process begins as a playground for senses, imagination, identity and politics explored through a magnifying glass; our detailed movement language describes femininity, tension, intimacy, impulse, raw emotions, and self-awareness . VALLETO narrates different topics in an abstract or humorous way to reveal the relationship between the body, the objective reality and the unconscious mind in this new digital era.

Our performances and initiatives aim to inspire, impact, and empower the global unheard voices of the current millennium. Past work has explored the complexities of female body and soul IN(touch), domestic violence all women in me are, Brooklyn nightlife and humanity (un.hide) emptiness, addiction and isolation in the digital age #VOIDS, and the inmaterial and spiritual part of being a human being (SOS).

In past seasons, we have performed to sold out audiences in venues like the East Village's Kraine Theater and Brooklyn's Center for Performance Research. We were selected to participate in HERE Arts Soho's “Sublet Series,” and have interacted with our community through site specific performances in Washington Square Park. In our future, VALLETO has been selected to perform in Triskelion Arts's "Split Bill Series" in October 2018. 

VALLETO is fiscally sponsored by non-profit PENTACLE Unique Projects.